The Atlantic from Myrtle Beach.

Welcome to Ataraxia

Why this place?

Because I am very enthusiastic about helping you, the ideal reader of Ataxaria.

For whom?

The conversation we will have is a talk about the journey.

A journey of…
đź’ˇAnyone who hates his or her job, and is willing to do more than just be unhappy.
đź’ˇAnyone who wants to build a side hustle, and is overwhelmed by all the advice.
đź’ˇAnyone like me who is staring retirement in the face, and wants to pay back to others.

What exactly?

Valuable topics such as…
🔸What are you enthusiastic about?
🔸Becoming a content creator…


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Enjoy your visits and feel free to comment(as soon as I get it setup) or contact me.