The Author

Who is this guy driveling stuff into the ether?

Well hello, here we are.

To make it perfectly clear, I am not an expert, I am an enthusiast.

You want to know more about who is hosting this site and spewing his energy into the world?

It is a guy born in 1958 who grew up in Boston.

Life is a wonderful journey. Unfortunately some, like me, spend the first chapters not knowing words like gratitude, stillness, and the brevity of all things. Time must be savored, not wasted or spent like there’s always going to be another day.

Giving back Value

Life is rich and full of experiences for each of us.
Let us go on a journey together that began to take form at the start of 2024.
Let us talk about hobbies and the possibility of giving value back into the world.
My Journey is what you will find in these pages, focused on the choice to become a content creator.
The planning, overplanning, mistaken bets, successes and losses of the journey.
The way our mind works against us moving outside the comfort zone and much more.

The dirty $M word.

This isn’t about selling anything, it is only about understanding together what it means to create a Website, Instagram presence, Facebook Page, Podcast and YouTube Channel…
Without buying tons of gear / Software

That said, if the day should come that you tell me it’s time to create a course or write a book on a certain topic and you are willing to buy me a coffee for it… Time will tell.
Thank you for reading this far.